he ain’t heavy, he is my brother

While walking in the hustle and bustle of the morning crowd, I somehow heard a teenage boy calling out for donation. I wriggled through the fast-paced human traffic to check it out. His right arm was wearing a sling and I was told he got injured during a basketball game. In his good hand he had a flag day donation tin and a small stack of bookmarks.

Before actually making a donation, I always have a habit of asking who the beneficiary is, even when I can clearly see the name or logo on the tin most of the time. I believe that, a flag day volunteer should take ownership of the fund-raising project and identify himself or herself with the beneficiary organisation at least for the day.

He replied “Boys’ Town” in a calm tone with a hopeful eye contact. I fed the tin with a $2 bill and he gave me this lovely bookmark with a blue ribbon. I like it so much!


I must admit that i don’t know much about the Boys’ Town. I can vaguely remember it’s located somewhere along Upper Bukit Timah Road and a friend once mentioned about mentoring the boys there on a pro bono basis. I am going to look at their website to learn more about them!

The Boys’ Town is in need of funding for a new building with improved facilities, please give them your kind support wherever and whenever possible. I thank you very much.