wrecking havoc in heaven is easier than fighting demons?

The heavenly palace is a sizable and long-standing establishment, which is also manned by strong guards, soldiers and talents of super prowess. Yet the Monkey King managed to turn it upside down in a jiffy and no sweat.

On the other hand, while escorting his Master, Xuan Zang the imperial monk conferred by the Tang emperor, on the legendary journey to the west, the Monkey King aka Sun Wu Kong had numerous tough fights against the demons. He was even no match for some of them upon the first rounds of confrontation. The demon leaders had neither mighty armies nor “cutting edge” weapons, how come they proved to be great challenges to Sun Wu Kong?

the Monkey King aka Sun Wu Kong

Sun Wu Kong and his Master, Xuan Zang










It is because … the celestial soldiers are salaried employees, they clock out on time half-way fighting Sun Wu Kong, and before the next shift comes on duty, the Monkey King has already “level up” and fighting his next target. These employees are closer to the base on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

On the contrary, demons are entrepreneurs who have worked very hard to set up their own enterprises, hence they will steadfastly fight on, and perhaps till the end. Their “human resources” are viewed as assets, hand-picked individually or poached. These well-recognised co-workers are highly motivated. They share the same vision as the leader. I guess their remuneration package is inclusive of profit-sharing. *wink*