no to LV, yes to MV

What is MV then? Why say yes to MV?

The most expensive, probably also the most glamourous, handbag I have ever used is a Chanel 2.55, but of course not from the debut edition of February 1955. On that note, I have never used an LV (Louis Vuitton) before and it is very likely that I will never do, because I have stopped acquiring products made from animals. Besides, I can request an artisan to tailor-make a handbag of similar quality and beauty for half of the boutique price.

That aside, I am saying yes to MV because I constantly desire to do something new that I know I will enjoy while remaining focused on my passion. My passion and enthusiasm for arts and heritage keep me busy the way I intended. And then the unintended engagements that ensue never fail to excite me.

MV stands for Museum Volunteer, a term used to refer to a museum docent in Singapore.

The Singapore Art Museum, the Peranakan Museum and the Sun Yat-Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall are on a recruitment drive for MVs. They do it on an ad-hoc basis and usually once in a few years, I would attribute this to low drop-out rates. Hence, voluntary service can be long-term and regularly performed, just do something you relish!

photo from Museum Volunteers website

There will be a joint briefing on the background and focus of each of the three museums as well as their respective training programmes & schedules (July – August or October 2012). The old-timers will be there to share stories about being an MV and you may clear your doubt at the Q&A session after the briefing, which will be held at the Glass Hall of the Singapore Art Museum on 28 April 2012, Saturday, at 2pm.

Rookies will not be thrown into the water alone after completing the training and passing the test. They will conduct mentored tours for a start (around September or November 2012 depending on the museum you join) but required to at least know how not to get drowned.

Potential MVs for Sun Yat-Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall need to be bilingual in English and Chinese. The museum will conduct an additional briefing in Mandarin on 27 April 2012, Friday, at 2pm at the Memorial Hall itself. Hmm, a great opportunity to get yourself acquainted with the historic site!

Look here for details. All application forms have to reach the committee by 11 May 2012. Have fun!