the month of May is so wonderfully packed!

In case you think that I don’t work or I don’t have to work, I in fact do work to earn a living. I am neither a freelancer nor self-employed, I am a salaried employee who works office hours.

Anyway, I have come to realise that the month of May is going to be really happening, erm, eventful I mean.

Embarking on a Hom Hot Journey is one of the hottest ways to start the month as well as to celebrate Labour Day. The public holiday is otherwise known as International Workers’ Day or May Day. Since the Journey entails a 30-day hot yoga practice, it shall also mark the end of the month of May.

With Vesak Day (Buddha Day) falling on 5th May (saturday) this year, the first weekend in May will be a long one for most people as the following Monday is a public holiday. A friend has invited me to spend an afternoon sipping tea and painting together, I feel artistic already.

The rest of the long weekend may witness an important visit I am going to make, it simply needs a little bit of affinity.

Have you heard of Butoh? I will be in action experiencing and learning Butoh (舞踏) for the first time. I am getting a little nervous just thinking about it, but I must say I am really looking forward to it! Watch this Butoh performance, awesome~


Then comes Singapore Arts Festival, which is determined to spoil everybody with its eclectic mix of programmes and workshops. I am prepared to get bewildered by their line-ups this year! Don’t overlook the Festival Village for free programmes and activities!

And not forgetting that there are two birthdays in the month to celebrate and send well wishes for!

There will also be the crowning of Tru Me Pageant 2012‘s new Queen at PLAY Club, wow wow wow! Don’t you miss out on their online voting to support your favourite contestant!

I know there are other things to be done in the month of May but I am too overwhelmed to think of them now. There is no need for time management when you know things will fall into place prettily.

I hereby wish you a wonderful month of May, the way you want it to be.

the envelope of Singapore Arts Festival's newsletter has a nifty design!