return to innocence

While pretending to read at the bus stop this morning, I was easily distracted by a little but loud voice of “Mommy bye bye!!! Mommy bye bye!!!”. The magnetised crowd at the bus stop invariably turned toward the source of attraction and witnessed a little creature in green uniform and cap, hopping and waving fervently at a car that was leaving the bus stop. I guessed the Mommy inside the car didnt hear it and gave no response, hence the persistent effort to attract Mommy dearest’s attention by the boy running along on the pedestrian walkway.

I stole a few glances at the crowd around me and discovered the “Aw…… so sweet, what a lovely sight” expressions on their faces, which would usually be bogged down by morning blues or mad rushes on a weekday morning.

Just as I was contemplating to write this down here, I heard yet another little but loud voice of “Grandma!!! (bus) 133 is here!!!” I raised my head to see a bespectacled lass (yes, the average age of myopic children in Singapore is super low) scanning the crowd seemingly to locate her slow-moving Grandma. The adult next to her was cupping her mouth, in an attempt to prevent her broadcasting of the arrival of bus 133.

I sniggered and recalled how I had committed similar if not more outrageous acts in public when I was about her age and even slightly older.

How come I don’t do this any more? Since when have I become so proper according to the social facts I have grown up with? Are such acts exclusive to children? You might say, if adults behaved likewise, the world would be too noisy. Would you even do it in the first place? Ha ha ha!

This brings back fond memories of a friend who once came to my place and got excited about something, I forgot, the prospect of eating a fantastic cake or an upcoming programme or something, he exclaimed and laughed out loudly like a child but as soon realised it and covered his mouth with his own hands as he shrugged his shoulders “in guilt”. And he was not even in a public place! Ha ha ha~

I share here with you Return To Innocence by Enigma, I wish you an energetic and loud day, my friend.