so many green news today!

Scrolling down the screen on facebook for some soul food has become a daily ritual since I don’t know when. It is Monday, 3rd September 2012, and I have received three news on facebook related to a greener world and greener lifestyles. On top of that, a dear colleague is buying the department lunch to celebrate his promotion (hooray!) and the menu is North Indian! One of my vegetarian favourites though I am never diligent in learning the names of North Indian dishes and the spices used.

If you see some photos of lunch in my next post here, that means you are lucky and my photo snapping skills have improved, because I have so far only managed to take photos of morsels and remnants. Before lunch arrives, I shall fill you in with the three news.

photo by Green Living Society

Firstly, a friend shared this poster by Green Living Society, a non-government organisation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I think the poster has made it quite clear in terms of the message it is meant to put across. Perhaps the only word to be clarified is “FAO”, which refers to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

This is even without considering the fact of humanity on animals and many other factors, such as health concerns and pollution brought about by meat processing.

The key here is, “even if you can’t be a vegetarian, you MUST reduce meat consumption!”. It’s like, even if you can’t do without a branded handbag or two, at least make it a point not to reach for your purse every time you see one that you fancy in a boutique.

It is not about self-control or discipline and virture, it’s really about personal values and choices.

Just a bit down the facebook page, I was greeted by a photo of five dishes neatly surrounding a portion of rice on a plate. The caption was: Starting today, officially on Vege Diet – for health, mind, soul, heart & Religious-purpose. This was posted by another friend who has made the decision to “convert” and I was like, wow, that’s really awesome!

Kudos to you my friend and I wish you good health and every thing will fall into place for you. The five dishes included 2 greens, eggplant, tempeh, which is gaining popularity, and one other non-meat dish that I couldn’t figure out, haha!

The third green news is put up by a Hong Kong non-profit organisation named Green Monday, which advocates taking BABY steps to GO GREEEEEN! It reports one more cafe joining the list of restaurants and eateries that offer Green Monday menus! The new addition, Suzuki Cafe was established in 1980, one look at its web page and I so like the place already!

The web page is in Mandarin though, leave me a message if you want some simple translation of bits of information into English!

Even if you are not hungry, do sit down and sip some coffee by Suzuki Cafe, because its founder is from Kobe, the birthplace of Japanese coffee, and their own roasts under his Suzuki Coffee brand have long gained a reputation in the region. Suzuki Cafe has several outlets in Kowloon and Hong Kong.

latest photo of Suzuki Cafe’s green monday delectables (by Green Monday on facebook)