Showing my back as a backer for Goodbye Promise since 2010

GOODBYE PROMISE. Not so fast! If you have made your own short film of say 5 minutes, you will know how much it takes to go through the process, let alone a 1.5-hour film. I am proud to have done my itsy bitsy for the world release of Goodbye Promise. So chip in and watch it, tell more people about it, let more people have a chance to view it. The story is so close to our life & heart that it stokes the flame in us! GOOD FILM, GOOD FLAME.

Here is what the film makers of Goodbye Promise wish to tell you:

“It is our privilege to release into the world our feature film, Goodbye Promise. We the filmmakers—David BraninGregor Collins, and Karen Worden—vowed to bring this finished product to you ourselves, using no distributors or middlemen, without delay, and as simply as possible.”

The team is releasing the film via a crowd funding platform, Indiegogo, and you can watch the film anywhere in the world by paying 1 US dollar (for early birds) or 2 US dollars, just like how you would buy a movie ticket at the box office in a cinema, any higher amount of contribution would be greatly appreciated.

The money raised will go to clearing debts incurred in the course of making this film and any excess money will fund the commercial release of the movie in cinemas.

It’s not merely about raising funds, it’s also about reaching out to as many viewers and potential viewers as possible! Please support Goodbye Promise and share about it! I sincerely thank you very much.

Watch Goodbye Promise within the next 72 hours (available until 12th September 2012 PDT) or it will be a while before we get a chance to view it! This is the link to watch the film and to know more about the project:

watch Goodbye Promise

“When we made the decision to launch production, we had just about everything stacked against us: no script, no money, and no camera crew. But we knew we were sitting on a deeply personal story—one all three of us were living everyday, and one we knew millions of other artists around the world would find just as personal.”


“Goodbye Promise is a visually alert, enormously well-observed film that deftly captures Hollywood heartbreak.” ~ LA Times

“On a micro budget, Filmmaker David Branin and Actor Gregor Collins have created a perceptive and touching portrait of the lives of struggling actors working on the fringes of Hollywood.” ~ Fred Roos, Producer, Lost In Translation


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Goodbye Promise trailer:


Goodbye Promise on facebook, click here.