Panorama – recent art from contemporary Asia (2/4)

We were talking about the Panorama series of exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum in a post a couple of days ago and I shall now continue to share about more artworks presented by the long awaited show.

Moving on from Cloud Nine to the other end of the gallery on level 1, we will be watching a short video of Singapore artist Justin Lee blending a fast food value meal bought from a global giant fast food brand and drinking the blended “beverage”.

Go watch it and tell me what do you think and what have you inferred from the video?

Is it about instant gratification turned instant repulsiveness? Has he brought “fast” food to an extremely fast speed? Is he questioning the habit of food consumption in today’s urban world? I will leave that to you.

Eat Fast Food Fast

Enough of frown-inducing video, turn around to look at the different works by local graffiti artist Zul Othman aka ZERO. Look at the cuddly and colourful cushions, especially their faces, what comes to your mind immediately? What do you think of pairing such a cushion with such a face? Would you buy a cushion? If yes, of which colour?

If you have answered the above questions, you would have done a simple consumer survey in a market research.

Being a graffiti artist, ZERO walks on thin ice whenever he makes art as graffiti art is still illegal in many countries, including Singapore, hence he may sometimes have to compromise during the process of his art creation. On the other hand, when his modified graffiti art is endorsed and adopted by commercial brands, everything seems to be readily acceptable.

CMYK Soft Sculptures, Agent Provocateur, Monogram

I choose to see it in a triangular formation, with graffiti art, consumer trend and commercialisation at the three points of a triangle. They are inter-dependent and mutually affective, in the sense that, graffiti art is adjusted to suit consumer demand, and the latter is manipulated by commercial brands, which in turn depend on graffiti artworks to sell or advertise their products and services.

To move back upstairs to further explore level 2 gallery, click here!


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