Panorama – recent art from contemporary Asia (4/4)

Using the stairs just outside the Panorama gallery on level 2, let’s move up to level 3 from my previous post on Panorama. Take a good look at two photographs as you turn left and left again after entering the gallery, tell me if they closely resemble any European artworks of the 18th and the 19th centuries that you might have seen before? Do they ring a bell to you?

These two are part of Malaysian artist Wong Hoy Chong’s photographic series, Days of Our Lives. It is an example of art appropriation, which refers to deliberately imitating an earlier work, often a famous work, to give a new significance and reference to the older work. The so-to-speak imitation is readily recognisable.

Here is a comparison, spotting the contrast is nothing, do try to give it a thought about what the artist wishes to tell, or ask. Wong Hoy Chong aims to bring to attention the evolution in the European identity as a result of migration, as if to ask ‘What makes a European today?’

La Dame de Charite by Jean-Baptiste Greuze (1775).

The Charity Lady by Wong Hoy Chong (2009)







As you may want to ponder deeper into the meanings of certain artworks, do not miss other works on display in the same gallery, my personal picks are Haliya Bathing and No Fly Zone.

I would also like to share with you briefly about the video works by Australian artist Tracey Moffatt, who is a filmmaker, video artist and photographer. Seven works selected from her video series entitled Montages are put up for viewing in the gallery on level 2 next to the Chapel. You may watch them at your own time and headphones are provided.

Montage by Tracey Moffatt

Montage by Tracey Moffatt

She has spent 10 years working closely with her film editor, to re-shape and synchronise scenes taken from films, footages and drama series, so as to suit the purpose of her thematic expressions. For instance, the work named Lip is to tell stories about equality of the black and the white people.

Last but not least, good news is, the second installment of Panorama is already up at SAM at 8Q, the other building just across the street, it runs through 14th April 2013. While the last day to explore Panorama at SAM is 25th December 2012.


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