eat in Singapore (3) 吃在新加坡 (三)

1. Eat: Malay Nasi Padang (dishes with rice)


I have Tempeh, omelette with shredded carrot and greens, fried brinjal with onion and sauteed long beans with dried tofu cubes (Tau Kua in Hokkien/Fujianese). Other than the brinjal is a little burnt and too saltish, the rest are fine and healthy.


Venue: Bujang Lapok Nasi Padang at S&R Eating House, Frontier Building, 50/52, Ubi Avenue 3

地点:Bujang Lapok Nasi Padang,位于乌美3道Frontier大厦内的S&R Eating House咖啡店

2. Eat: warm portobello mushroom salad


The greens are fresh and juicy. The portobello mushroom wedges are fat and succulent. The feta cheese, sun dried tomato and dried apricot add flavours to the salad. There are also beetroot and crostini bread. A down-to-earth and complete meal, heartening!


Venue: Dome Cafe at Singapore Art Museum

地点:位于新加坡美术馆的Dome Cafe

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