Eat vegetarian everywhere (1) 素食满天下(一)

1. Eat: “Bi Feng Tang” (typhoon shelter) Fried Hor-Fun, Luohan Mixed Vegetables, Dried Tangerine Peel-flavoured Red Bean Sweet Soup, Thousand Layers Cake


Venue: Kwan Im Vegetarian Restaurant, 190 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187965 (between the Goddess of Mercy Kwan Im Temple and South East Asia Hotel)


“Bi Feng Tang” Fried Hor-Fun is appetising and tasty, I like the capsicum especially. It can be a little oily by strict standards of oiliness-conscious diners.

避风塘干河令人开胃,也很可口, 尤其喜欢里面的灯笼椒。但对油腻十分抗拒的食客而言,或许稍微油腻了点儿。

The Luohan Mixed Vegetables is a gem with a good mix of greens, fungi, water chestnut, walnuts, dried daylilies (“Golden Needles”) and more. It’s tasty too.


A bowl of warm red bean sweet soup for dessert is a top choice. The texture and taste of this one is just nice but a little too sweet for me. It’s your lucky day if you happen to get a small piece or bit of dried tangerine peel, the ingredient that gives the dessert its unique aroma, because it’s used sparingly.


I am very pleased with myself for choosing the Thousand Layers Cake as a snack. It is a pleasure to savour it even when I don’t really fancy grated coconut, the orange layers. The white layers and the orange dots on top of the cake are same as Bao (steamed bun), please allow me to call it the alter ego of Bao, haha! It’s such a brilliant cake!