SlutWalk vs FlauntWalk

I got to know about a movement named SlutWalk some two years ago I think. A brief read-up on their home page told me that it was initiated after a Canadian police officer openly urged women not to dress scantily to avoid being a victim of crime, after a rape case.

This is seen as victim-blaming and SlutWalk believes that a woman has the freedom to dress in any way she likes, it is not for her to adjust her wearing to avoid crime, it should be potential criminals be told not to commit a crime.

Perhaps the police officer’s tone of voice and/or facial expression was inappropriate, perhaps his choice of words gave the impression of slut-shaming. Perhaps the movement is meant for feminist reason or to advocate women’s rights & freedom, perhaps… perhaps…

One fine day last year, SlutWalk Singapore was fulfilling the Walk with a group of women, dressed very little, strutting down Orchard Road for the cause they believed in and supported.

A chat with a friend who was driving along the same road at the same time revealed that, he didn’t understand what was going on. I wasn’t sure if creating awareness about the movement was part of the objective of the Walk that day, if it was, then the campaign was not too effective in raising awareness and reaching out to the public. But of course, it was just one person who voiced this out to me and I didn’t do a survey on whether onlookers knew what was that for.

Secondly, I didn’t think the movement has a really firm ground and clear cut objective, in spite of its enlarging followers.

What came to my mind was, the same police officer, or perhaps half of all police officers in the world could have given the public gentle reminders like do not expose a lot of cash or valuables in public places, so as to avoid being a victim of crime, such as robbery.

So far, I haven’t seen or heard of any movement sprouting from anywhere in the world that people are parading in the busiest street in town flaunting their hoards of cash and valuables, to convey the message of “I have the freedom to bring and expose as much cash and valuables as I wish, it is not for me to adjust my behaviour to avoid crime, it should be potential criminals be told not to commit a crime”.

I might be wrong, please tell me if you have witnessed or heard of a FlauntWalk or the similar sort.