want to volunteer?

There are two upcoming opportunities for us to render our time and effort in facilitating the success and progress of a certain objective. At the same time, we may learn something or gain new experience that can benefit us later on in life. All these aside, joy and friendship as well as personal interest and a sense of fulfillment top my list for being a volunteer.

As the name suggests, voluntary service is to be performed out of free will, and genuine enthusiasm conjures positive vibes. Therefore I urge you to volunteer when you really want to and don’t be shy to say no, including to yourself, when you are reluctant.

1. The Adam Park Project

The Adam Park Project

The Adam Park Project

Initiated and led by battlefield & conflict archaeologist Jon Cooper, The Adam Park Project focuses on surveys and digs in the Adam Park neighbourhood in Singapore. Quintessentially known as black and white bungalows, the residences in Adam Park were once used as command stations, firing forts, detention bunks for POWs (prisoner of war) and so on during the Japanese occupation of Singapore as an episode of World World II. The bungalows witnessed the four-day battle, believed to be the fiercest, before the British signed surrender papers on 16th Febraury 1942.

Working on site operating metal detector, placing markings, digging, discovering artefacts, making records and tagging artefacts are some of the jobs involved. The artefacts help to piece stories that could have happened some 70 years ago at exactly the same spot where you dig, fuelling vivid visualisation as if a re-enactment is being staged.

Next session: starting 7th January 2013, Monday-Friday, 9.30am-5pm, for at least five days and may stretch to two weeks. You need not commit to the entire session if it is impossible. Please write to Jon Cooper via jonalicooper@googlemail.com, to book yourself in.

To find out more: The Adam Park Project on Facebook / Singapore WWII Project (University of Glasgow)

2. Independent Archive and Resource Center

Initiated by artists and assisted by more artists as well as cultural workers and friends, “The independent archive and resource centre (working name), is intended to be developed as a professional archive of visual art practices and other cultural manifestations in Singapore. The focus of the archive, especially at its initial stage, is art practices that benefit from archival support — such as visual art practices that are ephemeral, time-based, event and/or specific or that may not be conserved in conventional institutional environments or practices.”

The nascent community is looking for volunteers to do “simple tasks such as data entry and labeling” and in return, they will “provide food, drinks and friendships”!

Contact them: please email to info@independentarchive.sg

To find out more: Independent Archive and Resource Center home page / Facebook / Twitter