Eat in Singapore (1) 吃在新加坡(一)

Eat: noodle soup


Venue: Yong Fu Ban Mian stall at the coffee shop at Block 3014, Ubi Road 1


My standing order at this stall is instant noodle aka Maggi (she uses Koka actually, which I prefer, haha!) with greens and eggs only.

The beauty of the noodle soup is that it gives me a homely feel. Even without the flavours from the marinated meat (choice of pork, chicken or battered fish) and crispy anchovies, my simple bowl of noodle with just fresh greens and eggs has an unassuming sweetness that never fails to make my day. Sometimes I add a dash of pepper and bits of crispy onion when I feel like having a stronger taste.

The daily queue says it all. The boss cum chef, a cheery lady who is occasionally impatient with people who are fickle when they place their order or are inattentive when their turn comes, so decide what to order even before you join the queue, she is already working very hard by cooking with five stoves at one go.

There is a wide variety of noodles to choose from, ranging from Ban Mian (flat noodle), Mian Xian (flour vermicelli) and other types of noodles to Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli) and Mee Hoon Kueh (noodle squares). Go for Tom Yum soup if you crave for something really ooh-la-la.

Do also check out the stall’s Soup of the Day or Mixed (ingredients) Soup which are usually paired with a bowl of steamed rice.

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