a Fair Trade goodie from Hong Kong

A long-time friend from Hong Kong came visiting a few weeks ago and she brought this very meaningful snack for me. A pack of Fair Trade double chocolate chunk cookies!

fair trade 3

Among the many Fair Trade products, the chunky cookies are part of the efforts by Hong Kong Fair Trade Power. Do take note of their slogan: “FAIR! Start from your CARE!” Indeed, without consumers being more aware of Fair Trade and how they can do their part, the movement could not have taken off and cannot be furthered.

One of the key objectives of Fair Trade is to give small-scale farmers access to new markets as well as to minimise exploitation by middle men and multi-national corporations, who buy from farmers at meagre prices and sell at sky high mark-ups because they attended lessons on branding and packaging.

fair trade 1

In addition, you will be happy to know that, the inner tray that holds the cookies is made from 70% recycled materials and it is recyclable with a PET resin identification code number 1.

Not forgetting the taste of the cookies of course. They certainly live up to their name, the double chocolate chunks are so rich and creamy that the cookies make good indulgence. Even more enjoyable if you have a sweet tooth.

fair trade 2


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