greenie gifts from Hong Kong

Apart from the Fair Trade cookies, the same long-time friend from Hong Kong also brought three greenie gifts especially for me, given to me eagerly within an hour after arriving in town!

Greenie refers to an environmentally friendly creature, be it a human or any other kind of creature, someone who is conscious of caring for planet earth.

For a start, let’s look at this poster made of thin metal plate! It is now hung by a window in my living room and serving well as a constant reminder to me and visitors. Feel free to download the photo as your personal reminder too!


And then we have this pair of outdoor mail box decoration in the form of water proof decal stickers! I don’t have my own mail box but I am happy just looking at them every now and then. They represent the simplest yet an all-rounding idea of being a greenie – Dream, Think, Live GREEN.

Thank you my friend! Thank you for being a fellow Greenie!

That’s two out of the three greenie gifts, so keep a look out for another post on the third gift!