Eat in Singapore (5) 吃在新加坡(五)

Eat: four-course Italian set meal


Venue: GAIA Ristorante & Bar (located at Goodwood Park Hotel)

地点:GAIA意大利餐厅酒吧(位于良木园酒店(Goodwood Park Hotel))

This was part of Restaurant Week held in Singapore annually and recommended by a friend. The restaurant was accommodating enough to switch to a vegetarian option for me, they were also happy to tweak a dish a bit for a friend who did not take lobster bisk and the new combination turned out well too!

Something not to be missed is, the service staff were courteous and hospitable. Some were funny too, Italian style. They also took the effort to explain the dishes to us.

经朋友推荐,我们一行人在新加坡一年一度的’餐馆一周’(Singapore Restaurant Week)到这家餐厅用晚餐,品尝餐厅为‘餐馆一周’而特别搭配的菜色。餐厅不仅为我准备素食版本的四式套餐,甚至为不喝龙虾汤的朋友灵活地换了换配料,但还是能令那道菜美味可口!


My appetiser, antipasti in Italian, was a spread of thick tomato slices with what I thought was stracciatella di bufala, a cheese produced from the milk of water buffalo in the Italian province of Foggia. I loved it. The cheese was half creamy and half chewy, mild in taste and it went down well with the fresh tomato slices.



Second course was Fagotinni Ripien, ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese served in a light gorgonzola cheese sauce and topped with walnut. Creamy, solid and filling.



Then came the main course. The vegetarian version had an eggplant heading my way, which resembled La Parmigiana di Gaia on the restaurant’s a la carte menu. It was a whole eggplant cooked in Parmigiana style with stracciatella di bufala. The inside of the eggplant was filled with sliced out eggplant mixed with tomato sauce and layered with stracciatella di bufala (the water buffalo cheese) before baking it. The slightly sourish tomato sauce lifted the taste of the dish and the cheese was mellow enough so as not to overpower everything else. One word, delectable.



Lastly, we had Tortina Di Mele as dessert. It was apple cake grandmother’s style with a scoop of ice cream. The cake was a little too sweet for me and a bit hard, perhaps due to advance preparation or I am not so used to the more solid type of cake. Thanks to the hot tea that mitigated the sugary taste.