why i love to eat organic strawberries, which are not so organic though

310313_1Why I love to eat organic strawberries? On top of the obvious reason that organic strawberries are grown without applying chemically treated fertilisers and pesticides, especially when strawberry belongs to the Dirty Dozen, only organic strawberries give this sweet taste that’s unique to them. It’s a happy taste! Also, an organic strawberry can be sweet on one side and sourish on the other, full of pleasant surprises!

Do check out the other eleven produce of the Dirty Dozen and understand why them.

On the other hand, most organic strawberries did not start out organically. Major strawberry producers do not use organically grown stock-plants, or commonly known as “starts”. These young plants are raised in conventional nurseries where the soils have been fumigated with a whole lot of chemicals. Nonetheless, strawberries grown out of them after they moved on to organic farms are certified and labelled organic.

I discovered this site dedicated to everything about strawberries, take a look there!