5 days in Hong Kong with 500 bucks

A trip to Hong Kong last year turned out to be a heart-warming holiday that has given me fond memories of wonderful time spent with longtime friends.

My friends and I bought our air tickets for a round trip from Singapore to Hong Kong on a budget carrier. I thought I should have suggested paying 100 Singapore dollars (SGD) more each of us to ride on a full-service airline instead. But never mind, it’s the company that counts.

The accommodation was absolutely fine, we shared a room at a five-star international hotel on Hong Kong island. It was a wise choice. Apart from the overall comfort and quality, we felt safer when the typhoon No.10 struck.


Tai-O on Lantau Island

When it comes to pocket money, it varies from person to person we know that. I spent SGD500 during my five full days in Hong Kong, we arrived in Hong Kong mid-morning the first day and our flight departed in the early evening on the fifth day.

Here is a brief breakdown of how I spent my pocket money of SGD500:

1. transportation which includes public bus, subway (MTR) and ferry rides (to and fro Lamma Island) using Octopus the stored value card, boat trip out to the sea at Tai-O for sightseeing, as well as taxi rides shared among us, inclusive of a trip to the airport – SGD70

2. food & drinks from a wide range and good choices of eateries, cafes, restaurants, food stalls, take-away joints as well as seven-eleven and grocers’ – SGD210

Our friend in Hong Kong was very kind to give us treats during our outings!


3. gifts (including confectioneries and savouries) plus post cards to add to my collection! – SGD50 + SGD10

4. admission tickets to Ngong Ping 360, Hong Kong Book Fair and “The Eternal Realm of China’s First Emperor” exhibition at Hong Kong Museum of History and a movie – SGD65

5. books bought at Hong Kong Book Fair – SGD25 (for six books in Mandarin! Great deal!)

6. most expensive purchase – a pair of rain boots in baby blue (love it!) for SGD40 – also the only apparel I bought there! Not everyone goes to Hong Kong to shop you see.

7. most cherished booty – a souvenir picture book entitled The Majesty of All Under Heaven ~ The Eternal Realm of China’s First Emperor bought at Hong Kong Museum of History for SGD30.


Hong Kong Museum of History

This is not to show you how to live within a budget of 500 bucks or what should you spend on. You might have noticed that I bought only books, post cards and a pair of rain boots for myself, most of my pocket money was spent on enjoyable experiences such as sightseeing, food tasting, visiting exhibitions and watching shows.

Do be selective of what you want from a holiday, regardless of your spending power. The world has arrived at this plight of resources depleting rapidly and facing a multitude of global issues with unchecked consumerism as a factor. Why not just lay on the beach, look up to the sky and revel in the joy of life?


Hung Sheng Yeh Beach on Lamma Island