two weeks into my “no” month!

090413_1April is my month of no outing, no gathering, no event and no project. Some friends call it a retreat, some a social detox. The activities I do carry on with are going to work, attending Hebrew classes and fulfilling my regular voluntary guiding service at Singapore Art Museum and pro bono translation works.

Two weeks have passed since the exact date of commencement, 26th March, Tuesday. Life has not been significantly different while I have noticed apparent availability of free time. Invitations to outings, gatherings, events and projects were mostly received in the earlier couple of months, hence most of the “no”s have already been said prior to commencement.

Doing this has allowed me to see clearly which are the things that I really hope to take part in. I mean, those that I turned down with a feel-bad frown and a pout. Now I know when similar activities come along again, they will be on the top of my list!

I have realised that I had been a little too obliging and I can be more decisive now. I am already contemplating to practise this every few months as well as to limit my outing, gathering, event and project every month. It will be a nice balance!

I love my free time!


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