Eat in Singapore (6) 吃在新加坡(六)

Eat: Korean food


Venue: Ubi 33 Food House, #01-08 Vertex, Ubi Avenue 3, Singapore 408868 (behind the bicycle shop)

地点:乌美33食阁,Vertex大厦 #01-08,乌美3道,新加坡邮区408868 (脚车店后面)

Imagine having to accommodate short lunch time, craving for yummy food, long queue, reasonable price and proximity, what is there to eat for lunch on a work day and where?


Look no further than the Korean food stall at Ubi 33 Food House! I cannot tell you what’s their hot favourite, because it seems to me that every item they offer is equally popular.


To a non-Korean like me, I don’t know if their Korean food are authentic, but I really enjoy their food, which is just a tad behind mum’s cooking. Despite the long queue and time is needed to cook every order on the spot, I must applaud their preparation and systematic work flow. Food are usually served in a jiffy and the lady at the front is superb. She is the order taker, the cashier and the food server.


Here are three fantastic choices that I am never tired of, the vegetarian/meatless option of course:


1. Bibimbap without meat (steamed rice topped with mixed vegetables and a sunny side up). The usual price is 5.50 Singapore Dollars (SGD), I pay SGD5.00 for meatless option. The greens and vegetables are fresh, the mushroom slices are succulent and the sauce is to my liking.

1. 拌饭 – 5.50新元,我的素食版他们只收我5新元。上面的蔬菜够新鲜,香菇多汁可口,还有那个拌酱很合我的口味。棒极了!


2. Bean paste soup with a bowl of steamed rice – SGD4.50. If you opt out of having the rice, it’s SGD4.00. This is originally meatless, I love its bean paste taste and the slippery rice vermicelli. Mix some rice into the soup and it’s Korean style! I learnt it from Korean dramas!

2. 豆酱汤 – 4.50新元。如果不要白饭,就是4新元。这一道本来就无荤,我好喜欢豆酱汤的香味和滑溜溜的冬粉。再拌入一些白饭就十足是韩国吃法了,我看韩剧学的!


3. Kimchi fried rice  – SGD4.50. This is prepared and served on a hotplate. What attracts me is the kimchi-ish taste of the fried rice spread over a bed of shredded cabbage. You know, just the right kind of sourish and spicy taste.

3. 泡菜炒饭 – 4.50新元。泡菜炒饭是在铁板上准备,在铁板上吃,热呼呼,热辣辣的。它最吸引我的是它那恰到好处的泡菜酸辣味,还有炒饭下面铺满了包菜丝。