wrapping up my “no” month

090413_1April is my month of no outing, no gathering, no event and no project. To be exact, my “no” month lasted from 26th March till 25th April. I did a review about two weeks after it started and it continued nicely for the rest of the month.

It’s not hard to see that it was a jolly well month for me. I must admit I sort of crossed the boundary on three occasions. It marks the three events that I will very much wish to take part in in future, yes, my top-listers.

One is Singapore Really Really Free Market. I was thinking of just dropping off my stuff at the Market but I stayed through the day!

The second event kind of sits on the fence. It was BooksActually’s 24-Hour Bookstore Event that extended 30% discount store wide. Taking advantage of a retail promotion does not violate the rules of “no” month, but is sticking around to watch performances in between book-browsing considered a form of violation? I was there from 2am till 4am-ish that day/night/morning.

Last by not least, “bumping into” chummy (and charming) girlfriends who were having dinner. One of them came back from overseas to spend her birthday in town. I could give the birthday party a miss but I wouldn’t miss meeting up with her!

The drawbacks of “no” month? Certain projects and events would not be avoided. They were mostly postponed to the following month or rushed through in the preceding month. This makes the months before and after busier than usual and I must say a little stressful. On this I got to make some improvements.

I have decided, July or August 2013 will be my next NO month!