don’t turn away even if you are not one of… us? them?

Before I can totally ditch the “us” and “them” thingy in every aspect of my life, and see every living creature in this worldly world with the same eyes, I decide that certain things do need that extra push. For instance, LGBT+Q awareness and living at peace with us/them and among us/them.

For a short period of time not long ago, I stopped publicising and sharing information or campaigns about the LGBTQ community, because I thought everyone else was like me, “fully blended”. LGBTQ was no longer an issue of discussion, perhaps even it’s time the term “LGBTQ” faded into history. There was no need for any segregation or “special care” when it came to sexual orientation or gender identity. There would be no such thing as LGBTQ village(s) or privacy-heightened gatherings. A wishful thinking of mine, I came to realise.

I hereby invite you to take part in the NATIONAL LGBT CENSUS 2013: SINGAPORE. Heterosexual individuals are welcome to do the survey too! Just a click away! Thank you and a big hug to you!

This study is jointly supported by Pink Dot SgSayoni and Oogachaga.

By the way, LGBTQ = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer.

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