a week without disposable plastic – part 1

1st June 2013, Saturday, was day 1 of my inaugural “a week without disposable plastic” campaign. Venue: anywhere and everywhere. Participant(s): me.

Rule: DO NOT use or accept any disposable plastic ware that cannot be put to essential reuse at all, such as small plastic bags used to contain fruit slices, snacks, cakes, etc, when purchasing them over the counter/ take-away; plastic wrappers/ shrink wraps that wrinkle or tear upon removal; plastic cups with lid/ film seal that you poke a plastic straw through. Okay you should get the idea now.

230613_1Day 1: just a couple of hours into the campaign, I “sadly” had to accept the first disposable plastic, my cough mixture bottle from the clinic. Nuts! Unwavered by the setback, I turned down a plastic measuring spoon for the cough mixture. I also politely declined the use of a small plastic bag to keep my medicine as I placed them properly inside my handbag. I really really have no use for those mini plastic bags given out by dispensaries.

As the day went by, I got involved with the second disposable plastic of the day – small cups used to contain sauces and dips for nachos in a Mexican restaurant, Baja Fresh. But I was glad that they used non-disposable dining ware and cutlery.

230613_2Day 2: it was a Sunday and I planned to grab some brunch on-the-go enroute to Singapore Art Museum, where I had two tours to guide that afternoon. I realised most of the options I was considering somehow had some kind of disposable plastic as part of the packaging for take-out, except getting pancakes from Mr Bean, which used paper carrier. Of course, I turned down the plastic bag with handle that was meant to put “all” the (two) pancakes together.

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