a week without disposable plastic – part 2

So, let’s move on to Day 3 & 4 of my week without disposable plastic. For the uninitiated, you may like to find out more from part 1.

230613_4Day 3: I was looking for lunch at a hospital building. My initial intention was to pack some food back but changed my mind after realising that, some form of disposable plastic would be used, even if I chose not to take the disposable cutlery. Also, not carrying my personal food container with me had rendered me “helpless”.

Therefore I decided to dine in at O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bar. My sandwich with salad was served on a ceramic ware and I ate it with stainless steel cutlery. But, yes but, I was caught off-guard by the freshly squeezed carrot juice. It was served in a disposable plastic cup with a cover that had a hole for the (plastic) straw. I did not use a straw by removing the cover and drinking straight from the cup. Okay, impact minimised.

230613_5I was finishing up some bottled drink that night and as I was dropping the empty PET/ PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle into my recycling basket, the recycling code at the base of the bottle caught my attention. PET containers are largely for holding beverages or other liquids, such as mouth wash. PET is coded number 1. Recycling codes of plastics are also known as resin identification codes, to facilitate segregation of plastic materials for recycling.

230613_8Day 4: I felt like stocking up some pasteurised soya milk but I had to give my (unsweetened) favourite a miss because its packaging consisted of a plastic cap. No packaging is more widely seen in a chiller at a Singapore grocer’s than the Tetra Pak with a plastic cap. I ended up buying several bottles of sweetened soya milk in glass bottles with metal caps.

Just as I was very pleased with myself for avoiding disposable plastic on Day 4, the label on the glass bottle turned out to be a plastic film. Oh NO!

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