a week without disposable plastic – part 3

The second half of the campaign was as interesting as the earlier half and I gained more insights. Do look back at my last two posts on parts 1 & 2!

230613_15Day 5: I was at FairPrice the supermarket trying to replenish my fruit supply and to my “horror”, most of the fruits were packed in plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic baskets or plastic wraps. It was a little too rush to explore neighbourhood fruit stalls, where fruits were generally displayed on racks without any packaging. Moreover I did not have any shopping bag suitable for bagging fruits.

230613_11My dinner that night was Sarpino’s pizza by delivery. I assured myself that, Sarpino’s used only cardboard boxes to contain pizzas. I forewent Greek salad, which would be packed in a disposable plastic container, and garlic bread that would be wrapped in a foil and then placed in a small plastic bag. To my “horror” again, I forgot all about the cheese and chilli powders that came with the pizza were packed in individual teeny-weeny plastic sachets. Oh No……!

Day 6: Okay I was craving for some vegetable sushi to go. Yes, you have guessed it, I returned empty-handed. Yes… because take-out sushi are pre-packed in either transparent plastic film or plastic cases. Some of the patterned disposable cases are quite pretty, I would wash and keep those of better quality for any potential reuse. But really, I don’t have any ready use for them.

Relaxing with a facial mask is one of my favourite rituals before going to slumber land. I had to leave that out the whole week because the mask wrapper was made of foil laminated plastic film. The base of the mask was also made of plastic! Foil laminated or not, plastic wrappers are everywhere! From instant beverage mix sachet and individually wrapped candies & snacks to stationery and accessories.

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a foil laminated plastic wrapper


tons of disposable plastic cases used to pack sushi


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