7 days of plant-based raw breakfasts

Egg croissant, congee with deep fried dough sticks, fried spicy bee hoon (rice vermicelli) with Achar (Indian-style pickled vegetables with ground peanut), pancakes with soy milk as well as butter & Kaya (a sweet spread made of coconut milk, eggs and sugar) sandwiches frequently appear on my breakfast list. Their positions are now challenged by raw and plant-based breakfasts, an idea that popped up out of the blue and I was on my way to 7 days of new breakfast menus. All of them without any dressing or seasoning.

Day 1: lettuce, cilantro, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomato. Hey, do you see Mickey Mouse there!


Day 2: lettuce, cucumber, carrot, cherry tomato, avocado.


Day 3: lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, avocado, capsicum.


Day 4: lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomato, capsicum, steamed pumpkin. There was a bit of leeway given here, because pumpkin was not raw.


Day 5: rock melon, apple, strawberry, avocado.


Day 6: rock melon, apple, strawberry. It’s Saturday, so it was simpler and the portion was smaller as there would be plenty of chances to binge!


Day 7:  apple, strawberry, avocado, banana. Out and about on a sunny Sunday!