Urich Lau’s solo show: P/O/V

Seriously, I don’t really understand his works if you ask me, but it doesn’t matter as I am always fascinated by his uncanny gadgets, some of which he would put on like a night vision goggles for instance, with mini screens in place of lenses.

Perhaps, there is nothing to be understood, just something more than meets the vision. Perhaps, it’s the moving images selected by him.

I love his Video Cars. No, not drive-in cinemas. Such as this one seen at Night Festival Singapore 2010 at The Substation, and the tricycle carriage entitled Vision Collison at Project Glocal 2012 in Manila, as part of Singapore International Foundation’s annual art event.


at Night Festival Singapore 2010 at The Substation

Vision Collison

Ah, yes, about Persistence of Vision, his upcoming solo show opening this Friday, 6th September 2013, at 7pm at Space Cottonseed, 47, Malan Road #01-24, Singapore 109444, find out about him and the show here. View Facebook event page here.

The exhibition, featuring his video works, experimental photography and prints, will run through 6th October 2013. Really, go to the exhibition and see it with your own eyes.

Read his artist’s essay here, scroll down to page 70 or use the Find function.

Photo of Vision Collision from here.


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