Mud Rock makes mud-rocking yet mind-soothing ceramics

The colour red is back in trend. The colour red has never gone out of trend with its auspicious aura. While donning an attire in the auspicious red is a wise choice especially during Chinese New Year, owning ceramic art in the auspicious red is a hint of class and a unique taste.

But you probably can’t be bothered with that because you have your very own thoughts when you see a piece of ceramic work that will reflect your taste, red or otherwise. A quiet ceramic work of art speaks wonder, but only if you allow the communication to begin.

A source of such soulful artworks is Mud Rock, a clay studio set in a cottage-style neighbourhood. It’s almost impossible not to like the studio cum gallery. Pay a visit and you will know why. Go open the channel of interacting with the ceramic works. Admire the artworks and they will reciprocate. These happily hand-made ceramics make meaningful gifts too.


Mud Rock is located at 126 Towner Road, Singapore 327816, which is near Boon Keng MRT Station. Call +65-9139-3838 or email to: for an appointment to visit.

If not, Mud Rock will be at Lock + Store’s artisan fair on the coming Saturday, 18th January 2014,  from 12pm to 5pm. Visit them at Lock + Store Tanjong Pagar, Tanjong Pagar Distripark, 37 Keppel Road, Singapore 089064. Be embraced by the boundless fortune that comes with the red colour.


I had a very pleasant first visit to Mud Rock and I was warmly welcomed by the artists themselves, who even invited me to check out their work areas and explained to me how they would personally make some materials from scratch, such as blending their own glazing mix.

I had an enjoyable time appreciating the works, ranging from products of high-temperature firing that could be put to use to the less functional but highly decorative works of low-firing. To my delight, I met a piece that I wanted to communicate with. It’s a vase done with an additional step of burnishing to give it its glossy look.

Mud Rock conducts pottery classes and group workshops. Do also contact them for commissions & customised ceramics or trade ordering. I received this special ornament from them to decorate my Christmas tree when I was there last month. I love it! It says “so thankful”.