Chinese New Year eating: the vegan way (1)

Chinese New Year, or affectionately known as CNY in Singapore, is a festivity widely celebrated and enjoyed by the diverse community in Singapore. CNY comes a little early in 2014 with the first day falling on 31st January.

In Singapore, when vegan food is mentioned, we probably have a couple of names at our fingertips that we can recommend. But what about vegan food for Chinese New Year celebration and gatherings? Something that gives the CNY mood and taste.

Perhaps you already have your own ideas about vegan food for CNY in Singapore. Or you can make use of the suggestions here to jumpstart your own list. Don’t forget to share your list and resources with friends and relatives!

Chinese New Year celebration can never do without the goodies, such as cookies, mini spring rolls, pineapple tarts; Kueh Lapis, an Indonesian thousand-layer cake with Dutch influence; “love letters” or Kueh Kapit in Malay language (similar to egg rolls in Hong Kong); Kueh Baulu, a type of bite-sized sponge cake; Murukku, a swirl-shaped Indian rice snack flavoured with spices and the list goes on. For some of us, we may also fancy a mix of chips and nuts.


Some time ago my gastronomic radar detected this bakery named Delcie’s that sold vegan cakes and other confectionery specially made by their in-house chefs in a vegan kitchen. My recent visit in November was a pleasant surprise as some of their Chinese New Year goodies were already on sale.

Their cashew nut cookie tastes like a marriage between a savoury and a confectionery, with a nutty aroma and texture. Whereas the green pea cookie is creamy and smooth that it melts in the mouth. It’s a tad salty for me, but you get a good load of real green pea taste in that naturally colored greenie. A tub of say, around 40 cookies, costs about 30 Singapore Dollars.

I can’t wait visit the shop again to try their vegan pineapple tarts and a favourite savory, seaweed mini spring rolls. These are two of the most coveted goodies for CNY in Singapore.




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