Artists get sick too

I have personally seen artists who fell sick and were at the same time not spared the common daily responsibilities anyone else might have, yet they persevered with art-making and thinking of new ideas aloud while taking the effort to minimise any pain and inconvenience caused by their ailment.

All of us worldly creatures get sick at some points in life. Sometimes we recover soon, sometimes it takes a much longer time, sometimes we don’t return to our original state, sometimes it stubbornly comes back after we have gotten well, sometimes it happens to the people near and dear to us.

How do we sail through the storm and emerge with a new self? Or what do we do as co-sailors riding the waves?

I got the answers to both questions Monday evening when I stepped into Utterly Art Gallery, where I saw a line-up of works contributed by a good bunch of artists to raise fund for their dear friend Juliana Yasin, an artist herself. The proceeds collected are mainly to cover the expenses of her recent surgery that cost more than 30,000 Singapore Dollars (SGD).


The artworks range from as small as a button to as large as a mangrove tree! In spite of her discomfort recovering from the operation as part of cancer treatment, Juliana was seen with sunny smiles sitting on a sofa in the gallery.

Do visit the fund-raising exhibition organised by Juliana’s friend Yvonne Lee. It’s a rare opportunity to view works by such a diversified group of artists, near and far, who use different media with distinctive styles. It will be really helpful and kind of you to spread the words and purchase a piece of work or two in support of Juliana as well as her artist friends!

Venue: Utterly Art, 20B Mosque Street, Singapore 059500.

Date & time: 31 March to 7 April 2014. Monday – Saturday 2-8pm, Sunday 12-5.30pm. *please call the gallery to inform them beforehand if you will arrive after 7pm, phone: +65-94872006.

More about Juliana and the exhibition.

Facebook event page.



"Purple Ice Cream Skirt" (left) by Claire Lim and "Juliana" by Lina Adam

“Purple Ice Cream Skirt” (left) by Claire Lim and “Juliana” by Lina Adam