SENI MINI the tiny art show opens today!

“Seni” means art and/or craft in the Malay language. Seni Mini the tiny art show of about 180 pieces of mini artworks is opening today, 23rd April, 2014! The organiser and host, Mi Casa Su Casa, is nestled in Singapore’s Little India district, which is filled with the colourful old and new faces of multi-cultural Singapore.

Mi Casa Su Casa is an independent-run alternative art space for artists as well as art students to share creations and exchange skills in a cosy and homely setting.

Every piece of seni mini measures no more than 80mm (millimetre) by 50mm. Yes it’s about the size of the frame we sometimes try to form by putting up our thumb and the index finger in an L shape with the thumb of one L touching the index finger of the other L.

Very importantly, my work will be showcased too! Do drop by to view the works and support the event, some works are for sale and some are even to raise fund for charity. In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a private screening of Herb & Dorothy, a documentary about the legendary art-collector couple who inspired this exhibition.


Venue: Mi Casa Su Casa, 112A Rowell Road, Singapore 208035

Exhibition opening: 23rd April 2014, Wednesday, 6pm

The exhibition will run till 1st May 2014, 9pm. Visiting hours after the opening night by appointment only.

Film screening of Herb & Dorothy: 26th April 2014, Saturday, 7pm. Bring your own snacks and beverages!

More photos and highlights of the event here.

Mi Casa Su Casa on facebook.

poster courtesy of Mi Casa Su Casa

poster courtesy of Mi Casa Su Casa