82nd & Fifth, like a friend

I have no recollection of the time I received my first email from 82nd & Fifth, a platform by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. From its curiosity-piquing opening tune and the presentation of audio-visual, to its soon ending that renders me a little sense of longing, each episode of no more than three minutes features the introduction of an artefact by a museum personnel.

It’s more like a personal sharing session rather than a formal and informational recording for publicity. I would turn to it as if it’s a secret sanctuary in the woods that I gain access through my bedroom closet. And only I know how to enter. I feel calmness.

There is a lot of humanity in each episode. Here is my favourite piece named Dream Logic, by Joseph Scheier-Dolberg, and on Returning Home by Shi Tao (石涛), a Chinese monk who left his religious career to seek fame as an artist in the late 1600s.

By the way, 82nd & Fifth is the address of the museum.

Subtitles in various languages are available with each episode.

82nd & Fifth

82nd & Fifth