Tung Yue Nang ~ SILENCE 邓汝能~墨默境静

Ostensibly in bursts of energy with a burning desire to be prolific in the last couple of years, there is this inner calmness in Tung Yue Nang and his art that is quietly meandering in fast-pace Singapore. If you have had the good luck of bumping into the artist around town while he was painting in public places at his “mobile studio”, you would have felt the leisurely ambience and also seen the man’s composure.

邓汝能,一个看似匆忙,但骨子里不慌不忙的艺术家。这在生活节奏紧凑的新加坡,是一种豁达的态度吗?亦或是一种修行?如果你曾在牛车水或市区一带有幸碰上邓汝能在写生、作画,也许你有感受到人潮之中飘逸着一种随性又沉着的气息。 120614_4 Very soon, we will have an opportunity to view his recent ink paintings with a Nanyang sensation at Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery. Over the years, he has also extended his outdoor and mobile studio to other Southeast Asian countries, where the landscape may vary (think Angkor Wat), while his unwavering focus remains.


Bare-footed most of the time when he paints, every foot print and brush stroke could represent the journey of his quest. What is essentially the quest for? He may fill you in on that at the exhibition, or he may not, as his art and the echoing art book may suffice.


Tung Yue Nang on his quest

Tung Yue Nang on his quest 路漫漫其修远兮

SILENCE 墨默境静 Ink Paintings by Tung Yue Nang 邓汝能水墨

Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery 好望角画廊

140 Hill Street, #01-06 Old Hill Street Police Station Building, Singapore 179369 禧街140号,旧禧街警察局大楼 #01-06,新加坡邮区179369

Opening: 21 June 2014, 3.30pm.

Guest-of-honour: Mr Terence Teo, President of Singapore Art Society



Exhibition: until 30 June 2014, 11am-7pm daily


Telephone 电话: +65-6733 3822


传统东方書画媒介与文化形态 墨的行影是黑, 是玄 是不执着于色的迷戀


境~(空间) 是环境空间 是层次境界 是语境也是心境


– 摘自《墨默境静》 120614_2