Final fortnight to discover Unearthed at Singapore Art Museum (part 1 of 2)

Humans have all along been in a tightly-intertwined relationship with the earth, the land and the nature. Albeit the relationship has turned sour for some people, there are others who keep on searching for the deeper meaning of this planet, which supplies resources as well as calls the shots when it comes to organic cycles and the elements.

The artworks presented by Unearthed, a current exhibition at Singapore Art Museum, attempt to uncover and clarify both the physical aspects and the intrinsic significance of this labyrinthine world that we thought we had mastered, despite of our relatively ant-like size and the presence of members from other species.

I wonder what do oysters think of the saying ‘the world is your oyster’.

The exhibition ends at 7pm on 6th July 2014, last admission at 6.15pm.

Here is a run-down of the artworks on our pretty run-down earth.

Level 2 galleries and lobby:

1. 1000 Rubber Seeds and One Mutant by ISABELLE DESJEUX ~ nature favours ordinary organisms that can propagate, humans favour the unique and outstanding one.

2. Pulling At Grass To Make It Grow by JENNIFER NG ~ nature lets nature take its course, humans force things a little too hard sometimes. 拔苗助长.

Pulling At Grass To Make It Grow

Pulling At Grass To Make It Grow

3. Here The River Lies, The Shape of The Singapore River and Ethnographic Fragments of Singapore by DEBBIE DING ~ the Singapore River humanised by personal experiences/stories written on tent cards by visitors and placed on its map hand drawn by the artist. See what the River resembles and means to different people and how geological or archaeological artefact lookalikes play trick on our eyes.

4. The Bukit Brown Index by POST-MUSEUM ~ both dead and living humans make full use of the land, the dead comes first or the living? What about the flora and fauna living in the same habitat?

The Bukit Brown Index

The Bukit Brown Index

The Bukit Brown Index

The Bukit Brown Index

5. Earth by HO TZU NYEN ~ how does it look post-apocalypse? With humans still breathing but senseless? Humans still take centre stage.

6. Animal Traps by INSTITUTE OF CRITICAL ZOOLOGISTS, a fictional research platform created by Robert Zhao Renhui ~ humans take advantage of their understanding of animals and impose brutality on animals.

7. Ouch! by EZZAM RAHMAN ~ human dead tissues transformed into small animal “fossils”. Once alive, now eternal?




8. All The Way Down and Nanyang Meadows by LUCY DAVIS ~ find out how history, the current affairs some hundred years ago, is preserved and revealed by a preserved tortoise; and find yourself bewildered by how wheat hay that’s not prevalent in Southeast Asia was stuffed inside a crocodile specimen in a local museum of biodiversity. Humans-nature-relocation-taxidermy-posterity.

All The Way Down layers of crumpled (history) in a tortoise specimen see light again

All The Way Down
layers of crumpled history in a tortoise sees light again

9. Abandoned by STELLAH LIM ~ once shiny, colourful and loved, now all black and almost beyond recognition.

10. A Day Without A Tree by YEO CHEE KIONG ~ please DO NOT step on the melted portion of the building, or we will never be able to salvage that part of the Museum. If salvage is in sight at all.

A Day Without A Tree

A Day Without A Tree


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