7th March 2015 – Singapore Really Really Free Market and /*semble*/ by The Artists Village at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

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For the first time, I am so greedy to include so much information in the title of this post. The point is to attract and encourage more visitors and participants to the events.

Let me elaborate on the components of the title, one by one:

7th March 2015 is the date Singapore Really Really Free Market is happening, from 4pm to 8pm. Whereas the other event, /*semble*/,  will be held on both 7th & 8th of March (Saturday & Sunday). Please refer to the poster below for its daily programmes:

/*semble*/ 7th & 8th March 2015 Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

7th & 8th March 2015
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

Singapore Really Really Free Market (SRRFM) is an event, usually held bi-monthly and without a permanent location, for everyone to give and take old or new items as well as to provide and receive services for free. It is run by Post-Museum, an independent cultural and social space in Singapore which aims to encourage and support a thinking and pro-active community. It is an open platform for examining contemporary life, promoting the arts and connecting people.

Come to the next SRRFM to experience resources sharing, but bear in mind that this is not a place for us to dump thrash or hoard items that we don’t need. The services I have seen at the numerous SRRFM that I attended include shoulder/back massage, simple yoga, story-telling, guitar performance, Tarot card reading, poetry writing, portrait sketching and many more!

You may also volunteer your service to help maintain the smooth running of the Market for a couple of hours or throughout and explain to newcomers how the Market works. Use your talent in retail merchandising to attract more people to browse around. Or simply be there to have fun and make friends!



If you wish to be on Post-Museum’s mailing list, please write to them at: admin@post-museum.org, they organise and participate in many different events and community activities.

Post-Museum is on Facebook and Twitter.

Singapore Really Really Free Market on Facebook.

/*semble*/ is presented by The Artists Village. It “will feature performances and installations of various mediums and tones with an underlying tribute to the nation’s (Singapore’s) 50th year of independence, symbolically on the site of a stretch of land that once upon a time; via train, connected both Singapore and Malaysia.”

“/*semble*/ …… attempts to create dialogues between the physical site and artworks; while simultaneously seeking to investigate the omnipresence of urban development in our homeland (Singapore). The title is open to participating artists for individual creative interpretation.”

Artworks will include prints, sculptures, installations, videos, audios, live art performances, and VJ presentation that touch on the issues of history, memories, architectures and spaces.

Admission to /*semble*/ is free. Full details here. /*semble*/ on Facebook.

Commonly known as Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, the Former KTM Tanjong Pagar Railway Station will be hosting the said events. The station building, inseparable from its compound and its retired railway tracks, is an emotional source of memories for many Singaporeans and Malaysians, maybe also ardent train travellers from all over the world.

Its Neo-classical architecture paired with locally-inspired designs (perhaps partially to suit the equatorial climate and practical purposes, other than cultural influence) renders the building and even its iron fencing a unique structure to behold.

The Station began its service in 1932 and saw the last train off at 11pm on 30th June 2011. The premises have since been closed to the public except during special open days and events like the upcoming ones. So, don’t miss this weekend’s opportunity to walk into the high-ceiling station building. I am not sure if the wall paintings are still there, do find out and let me know alright?

In case you wonder about the four capital letters of “F M S R” seen on the Art Deco-styled facade of the station building, they represent Federated Malay States Railway. According to an article published on National Library Board Singapore’s infopedia, in a 1918 agreement, the British colonial government handed over ownership of some 200 hectares of railway land in Singapore, including the land where the Station is, to an organisation named Federated Malay States Railway.

external view of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in April 2014

external view of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in April 2014


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