Birthday party with Cantonese Opera at Mun Sun Fook Tuck Chee temple 万山福德祠土地爷爷宝诞一同看粤剧

What is happier than one’s followers putting in copious amounts of time, effort, and money to celebrate one’s birthday? Here, I am talking about staging more than ten Cantonese opera shows spanning four days in a row, apart from other celebratory rituals and offerings.


The 2nd day of the 2nd month (二月初二) on the Chinese Calendar is the birthday of the Earth Deity (土地爷爷, 土地公, 福德正神, amongst other names depending on the region or country). For this year of 2015, it falls on 21st of March. We can expect crowds of devotees making a bee line for Mun Sun Fook Tuck Chee (万山福德祠) temple to pay respect to the Earth Deity.


This year, Mun Sun Fook Tuck Chee has engaged 永光香港粤剧团 (in Mandarin: “yong guang” Hong Kong Cantonese opera troupe/ in Cantonese: “wing kwong” Hong Kong Cantonese opera troupe) to perform at the Earth Deity’s birthday celebration. Regardless of race, language, and religion, all are welcome to appreciate the operas as a form of artistic and cultural heritage. Please refer to the poster below for the programme, show titles, and the artistes’ names (you will need some help from someone who reads Mandarin).

今年,万山福德祠再次邀请 永光香港粤剧团到新加坡来表演,特为祝贺土地爷爷宝诞。无论种族、语言和宗教信仰,欢迎各界人士到万山福德祠欣赏永光香港粤剧团的精彩表演。以下的“街招”(海报)可查阅详情,也可抢先知道有哪些香港名伶将会参与演出。除了演技和唱功要好之外,我每回欣赏粤剧也都很期待武戏,特爱看踢枪和翻筋斗。

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The opera “genres” include action-packed, family values, comedy, epic war, romance. Of course, not forgetting a special opening show to wish the Earth Deity a happy birthday!

Performance dates: 20th-23rd March 2015

Tickets: matinee (approximately 2pm): SGD5 (Singapore Dollar), evening show (approximately 7.15pm or slightly later): SGD5 / 10 / 15 / 30. For enquiry, call: +65-67474957 (be prepared to speak Mandarin or Cantonese)

香油卷(戏票):日场(大约下午2时):5新元,夜场(大约晚上7时至7时30分之间开场):5 / 10 / 15 / 30新元。询问电话:+65-67474957

Adjacent to the temple is the Sar Kong Heritage Room (沙冈古迹文物室) that opened in December 2014. Captions and explanatory notes on the artefacts are in both Mandarin and English. Do pop in to find out the stories of the temple’s origin and the community that it served, which was made up of early Chinese migrants and immigrants who once lived and plied their trades in the Sar Kong village, where the temple is located and now within the area known as Geylang. More information here.

Address: 124 Sims Drive, Singapore 387379.

Opening hours of the Heritage Room: 10am to 4pm daily. For enquiry, call: +65-97681489




To keep yourself updated of Chinese opera performances in Singapore, check here regularly. I thank the web page for all the helpful and interesting information.