Eat in Singapore (8) 吃在新加坡(八)

Venue 地点: Monster Curry, NEX Serangoon #B1-08 “怪兽咖喱”,实龙岗NEX,#B1-08

Time 时间: a Saturday lunch, 一个星期六的午餐

Comfortable? 舒适吗?: yes / no  comment / no 舒适 / 没感觉 / 不舒适

Service 服务: good / Ok / no good 好 / 还可以 / 不好


That “ring of fire” is flame inducing! 别小看那道小小的“火环”!

(Plain) homemade curry at SGD(Singapore Dollar)9.00++ and natto topping at SGD3.50++. Natto and egg combo is available at $13++. 家常咖喱汁,9.00++新元,外加日式纳豆,3.50++。也有配好的纳豆和鸡蛋餐,13.50++新元。

1 Flame: normal hot. The range is from 0 (zero) to 5, and 5 being MONSTER hot. 1号辣度。辣度介于0(零)至5号,5号是怪兽辣度。

Tasty? 好吃吗?yes / so-so / no 好吃 / 一般 / 不好吃

Price 价格: good / Ok / not worth it 好价钱 / 还可以 / 不值得

Want to try what next time? 下回想试试别的什么?Natto & egg combo or when they introduce carrot &/or corn! 配好的纳豆与鸡蛋餐或是当他们推出红萝卜与/或玉米餐时会去试吃!