Battlefield tour by historian and archaeologist Jon Cooper

In February 1942, the fight between the invading Japanese and the defensive British Allied forces in Bukit Brown and the Adam Park in Singapore is believed to be the fiercest battle before the British signed surrender papers on the 16th of February.

If volunteering at conflict archaeologist Jon Cooper’s survey and digs under the Adam Park Project is a bit too much for you, here is a chance to get into some milder action by joining his tour, and learn more about the four-day crossfire as he takes you to significant spots where the brutal side of history happened, as well as possible burial grounds of missing soldiers just by the edge of the golf course along Lornie Road, and possible locations of mass graves in Bukit Brown.

20130907_162609Cartographer Mok Ly Yng has kindly created and shared a very useful guide map, which marks the spots to be visited during the tour (tour route may vary depending on Jon and/or surfacing of new information). Click on the pins on the map to read up a bit beforehand, I am sure this will give you a better experience during the tour.

Event name: Battlefield Tour by Jon Cooper

Date & time: 31st May 2015, Sunday, 9.30am to noon.

Meeting point: the pedestrian bridge on Sime Road entering Bukit Brown, opposite the Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) traffic light. Tour ends at noon in the grounds of Bukit Brown.

Details and registration/get ticket here, you may register for up to two persons.


On 15th August 1945, Japan announced its surrender and ended its occupation of Southeast Asia. That makes this year the 70th anniversary of Singapore’s freedom from Japanese occupation, let us remember a part of history that nobody can deny, and appreciate even more the peace we enjoy now.

Here is an article by Jon about his tireless research on (and search for) the missing soldiers. The Adam Park Project on Facebook.