Now till 14th January, celebrate 2016 with cinematic music by soundscape artist Stéphane Marin / Espaces Sonores

Updated on 2nd January 2016: if you have listened to the programme on 1st January, and it sounded weird and unlikely to be the works of Espaces Sonores, it was due to an ‘error of sync with the server’. It has been fixed now, please tune in to the same link and enjoy the music universe by Stéphane Marin / Espaces Sonores.

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The first time I came across Stéphane Marin’s project was in 2012 at the Singapore Arts Festival. The project was named An Umbrella For 2 (Un Pépin pour 2), with a station on the field next to Esplanade, serving as the starting point of the sound journey for two people sharing an umbrella and wearing headphones connected to the umbrella.

What kind of artwork does he do? What is cinematic music then?

Do think along the line of contextual sound/talking/melody/singing/rhythm/recital, multi-phonic electroacoustic music, sonic art in public places, incidental music, “multi-channel” city-scale project, yoga for the ears, audio walks, public participation and response, field recording, phonography, shared listening, natural terrain, cultural and local sounds.

When? 31st December 2015, 11pm central European time (UTC +1), that will be 1st January 2016, 6am Singapore time.

Daily 11pm central European time / 6am Singapore time, until 14th January 2016, 11pm (UTC +1). Yes, we can listen to the playlist for as many times as we like during this period!

Where? anywhere in the world with internet connection, access to WebSYNradio (no need to register or open an account), and a speaker or a pair of earphones.

How? go to this link –> you will see an introduction of Stéphane Marin and his works, and then the playlist –> scroll down a bit more and when you see “websynradio stream” –> click on the arrow to start the new year! Happy New Year 2016!

WebSYNradio : une radio proposée par Dominique Balaÿ. (WebSYNradio: a radio program hosted by Dominique Balaÿ.)

Facebook event page here.

Poster by WebSYNradio, from Facebook event page

Poster by WebSYNradio, from Facebook event page

To me, Stéphane is a soundscape artist, a sound media technology expert, a site-specific live performance composer, an environment listener, and an awareness creator.

Stéphane gives us an endless space to cultivate our art of listening to our surrounding and that of others’, and to learn to immerse into a place (a land) through experiencing sounds, be they comprehensible or unfamiliar.

Don’t overlook those soft, in-the-background, mundane sounds.

Stéphane established Espaces Sonores, a company dedicated to contextual sound creation and art of listening. My personal favourite is his series of field recordings during his journey in Burma.

Espaces Sonores on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.


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  1. Thanks for continuing this intense and “fidèle” support of all our activities Ai Loon. I wish I will come back soon in Singapore and finally meet you.

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