Extreme Picnic by Post-Museum

Have you ever thought of being part of an artwork you collect, and you even get to respond to it too?

“Collectors/participants are required to choose a picnic spot, partake in the food and drinks, and conduct a conversation as outlined in the instructional booklet.”

Still remember the creative yet down-to-earth food and drinks on Food #03’s menu when they were at Rowell Road, Singapore? I don’t know about you, but I am so very craving for them!

My favourites of my favourites are Post-Museum Pour, and Laksa Pesto Pasta. There are also the tempeh burger and Pu-er tea noodle soup. I also tasted my first bottle of red wine made from organic grapes at Food #03 almost a decade ago.

“Extreme Picnic includes a selection of well-loved food and drinks vegan items from the original Food #03 menu.

Food #03 was a deli-bar, social enterprise and a work of art by artist Woon Tien Wei. It was based in Post-Museum’s Rowell Road space from 2007-2011, and was managed and staffed by artists, activists, and an ex-professional wrestler turned chef. The daily gatherings at Food #03 defined Post-Museum’s community and became a space where people from different communities connect.”

love their deco food#03

My fond memories of the old school windows and funky decorations at Food #03, Rowell Road

What is Extreme Picnic and how to be a collector/participant of it?

“Extreme Picnic is a development from our interest in issues of community, space and land contestation. The project is a mash-up of Extreme Sports and picnics, and seeks to encourage people to reclaim and inaugurate recreational and free land for their own use.”

There are 30 editions of Extreme Picnic. Each edition is priced at SGD180 (for 3-5 people). Acquire yours prior to 22nd January 2016.

Date & time of Extreme Picnic: 22nd January 2016, 7 to 10pm

Location of Extreme Picnic: throughout Gillman Barracks, Singapore

Collection of Extreme Picnic: Yeo Workshop, Block 1 Lock Road at Gillman Barracks, 7 to 8.30pm

To enquire and acquire, please call Post-Museum at +65 9238 6609 or email them at admin@post-museum.org.

Alternatively, you can place your order at http://peatix.com/event/139244.

More information on the event, Post-Museum, and Food #03, click here.