My eyes on all four exhibitions at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016

Updated on 9th February 2016: one of the exhibitions, Railtrack Songmaps, has been extended till 14th February 2016, Sunday! Catch it soon, or catch it again!  🙂

Original post dated 18th January 2016:

In its 12th edition this year, the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival is a cradle and welcoming ground to the more out-of-the-XXX (still looking for a word, suggestions welcomed) and the experimental art, works that never fail to bring new perspectives to me, be it performing art, performance art, visual art, public-involved project, as well as activities like dialogues, classes, story-telling, etc.

In 2016, the Festival sniffs into the theme of Art & the Animal. I shall not dwell into its notions and introduction, which you can find here and here.

I am particularly keeping my eyes on the four visual art exhibitions presented by this year’s Festival. Do drop by their respective galleries if you are in Singapore, the last day of the exhibitions and the Festival is the coming Sunday, 24th January 2016.

Free admission to all exhibitions.


by Christophe Canato (Australia | France)

13th to 24th January 2016, 10am – 10pm
ION Art Gallery, Level 4, ION Orchard


Key words/phrases of my experience: as if being watched, by other creatures behind (imaginary) woods versus by the surveillance cameras in the gallery. Struggling to make a direct connection or comparison between the human kids and the animals in the photographic works, but in vain. Focus. Intense.

More photos here.


by Marla Bendini (Singapore)

“The Fringe Gallery exhibition Tracks by artist Marla Bendini (Singapore) at the upcoming M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016: Art & the Animal has been cancelled. The work is currently still in development and as such, could not meet the licensing deadline.”

You can still read up about Marla Bendini’s work-in-progress, and what has Festival Director Sean Tobin got to say about her, here.


by Andrea Cavallari (Italy | UK)

13th to 24th January 2016, noon – 8pm
The Substation Gallery, The Substation, 45 Armenian Street


Key words/phrases of my experience: deafening at first, grown to enjoy it afterwards, tempted to sit down in a corner for eternity. Poignant. Reminder to eat organic food. Recalling the numerous articles on how bees are endangered, and in turn the availability of vegetables and fruits. Curious. I smelt mildly sourish scent of raw, pure honey by getting very very close to the edge of the vitrine housing the hive. Be engulfed.

More photos here.


by Migrant Ecologies Project (Singapore)

13th to 24 January 2016
Tuesday – Sunday: noon – 7pm
Friday: noon – 9pm
Blk 47 Malan Road #01-25 Gillman Barracks

I have yet to visit this one. Please do leave your comments here if you have seen it, or share your thoughts on any of the other exhibitions. 🙂


2 thoughts on “My eyes on all four exhibitions at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2016

  1. Hi Ai Loon,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Fringe exhibition! If you haven’t had a chance to visit Railtrack Songmaps, the exhibition has been extended till Sunday 14 Feb.

    Jezamine Tan
    Festival Manager
    M1 Singapore Fringe Festival

    • hi Jezamine, thanks for your message! i saw Railtrack Songmaps last month during Art After Dark at Gillman Barracks, and i totally loved it! i hope to see it again before it closes this weekend. 🙂

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