The Beauty of Analogue Media in a Digital World – An industry lecture by Gerhard Steidl

“Print is not dead”. Mind you, of course! The essence is bringing out the invisible bridge between print and its audience.

The printed words and images always have this aura that renders the printed matter a distinctive potential to become a collectible.

More than often, I would smugly let out a wry smile when I knew that I was the only one among the commuters in the same bus or carriage reading a real book. I don’t want to dwell into the facts about how less harmful it is to read a print than to look at an electronic screen, also I won’t list the fetish-like benefits of planting one’s nostrils in a book and inhaling fervently.

Whenever I passed by a printed poster that caught my attention, I would stop in the crowd to look at it. When I received a mobile text message providing a URL or an attachment, I hardly would visit the website or download the attachment.

Images in books are seen as they are, in their stipulated size printed in the book, and in the fineness or roughness as shown, leaving no place for individual digital manipulation and adjustment so that “it is not so glaring”, so that “it is larger and I can see more clearly”, etc, etc.

You may not buy what I have said, but you got to listen to what renowned publisher & printer Gerhard Steidl will be saying at an industry lecture: The Beauty of Analogue Media in a Digital World – “Print is not dead”.

Where? DECK,  120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 1879376

When? 6th April 2016, Wednesday, 7:00pm to 10:00pm | Session starts at 7:30pm sharp

Get tickets here. Early-bird special ends today (24th March 2016), which means… we have about four more hours to go!

Early Bird Ticket: SGD95 by 24 March 2016
Standard Ticket: SGD120 from 25 March onwards

Apart from the lecture, your ticket is also inclusive of a sneak preview tour of the book exhibition (which opens on 8th April 2016 and I will talk about it in an upcoming post. If you can’t wait, zoom to this page for details!), food & drinks, and of course, networking and a great evening with people from the creative industry and advertising agencies, publishers, printers, designers, and artists.

The lecture is organised in conjunction with exhibition STEIDL DECK: 1001 Steidl Books.


“Gerhard Steidl began working as a designer and printer in 1967. He started out printing posters for art exhibitions, and very soon Joseph Beuys and other artists were among his customers.

What began as a backyard enterprise has evolved into one of the most sophisticated and distinguished printing and publishing company in the world. Whether fashion, art or literature, Steidl sees himself as the artist and author’s ally, helping him or her “to do magic”, to create an object of art and to get it out to the readers.”


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