Eat Vegetarian Everywhere (14) 素食满天下(十四)

Venue 地点: nomVnom – Tai Seng Outlet, 18 Tai Seng Street #B1-02, Singapore 539775.

nomVnom – 大成店, 大成街18号,地下层#B1-02,新加坡邮区539775。

Vegan. 纯素。

Time 时间: a Saturday lunch, 一个星期六的午餐

Comfortable? 舒适吗?: yes / no comment / no 舒适 / 没感觉 / 不舒适

The sofa seats are complete with plushy cushion, just like eating at home! 沙发座位上有绒毛玩具背垫,就好象在家用餐一样!

Service 服务: good / Ok / no good / 还可以 / 不好

The lady crew who took my order and the uncle (the chef actually) behind the kitchen counter were friendly but not overwhelming, you know, sometimes some people just give you a kind of tranquil comfort, not fussing over you. On top of that, the uncle’s beautiful masterpiece – Bonsai, i cannot appreciate it more.


Bonsai 盆栽汉堡

Pure coconut water (no sugar added) 椰子水(不加糖)

Organic Rainbow Salad 有机彩虹沙拉

1 burger + 1 side + 1 drink, save $2.00. 一个汉堡 + 一个小吃 + 一杯饮料,节省2元

Egg?!? Nope, it’s pineapple and white sauce. 鸡蛋?!?非也,是黄梨(菠萝/凤梨)和白色酱料

The orchid is edible too! 胡姬花是可以吃的!

Bonsai “burger”, SGD11.90. 盆栽汉堡,11.90新元。Pure coconut water, SGD3.90. 椰子水,3.90新元。Organic rainbow salad SGD5.90. 有机彩虹沙拉,5.90新元。

Tasty? 好吃吗?yes / so-so / no 好吃 / 一般 / 不好吃

Too tasty, but not too tasty to be true, it’s still down-to-earth. Two other diners sitting nearby kept saying “very nice!” / “delicious!” no less than 10 times…! They ordered a burger and a pasta to share.


Price 价格: good / Ok / not worth it 好价钱 / 还可以 / 不值得

But I hope the pricing won’t go up for quite some time to come. 不过我希望这段时间内都别起价。


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