Eat Vegetarian Everywhere (15) 素食满天下(十五)

Venue 地点: Yummy Veggie International Buffet & Steamboat Restaurant, 5 Lengkong Tiga #01-04 Kampong Kembangan Community Club, Singapore 417408

可口素食国际自助餐·火锅餐馆,麟光迪加5号,甘榜景万岸民众俱乐部 #01-04,新加坡邮区417408

Halal and vegetarian. A-la-carte menu also available. 素食及符合回教教义的餐饮。不想吃自助餐也可以选择单点。

Time 时间: a Thursday lunch, 一个星期四的午餐

Comfortable? 舒适吗?: yes / no comment / no 舒适 / 没感觉 / 不舒适

Service 服务: good / Ok / no good / 还可以 / 不好

Even just dining alone the diner is entitled to two soups for the steamboat, I picked Korean miso soup and Herbal soup. The place was pleasant, and the food display was organised and appetising. My photos didn’t turn out well, they don’t do justice to the food. Therefore I can only show you a couple of photos of their sweets, but be assured that they have much more than that to offer. The sushi counter is full of creative choices, and yummy too!


Happy Birthday everyday! 天天都过生日!

Lunch, Monday to Friday, Adult: SGD24.80++ (approximately SGD29.20nett). 午餐,星期一至星期五,成人:24.80++新元 (合计约29.20新元)。

Tasty? 好吃吗?yes / so-so / no 好吃 / 一般 / 不好吃

Price 价格: good / Ok / not worth it 好价钱 / 还可以 / 不值得

As with all kinds of buffet, it works better for two or more diners, so that you can share food and get to taste more items. 吃自助餐还是两人以上比较“划算”,可以分着吃,便能品尝到更多佳肴。